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Born and raised in Cyprus, 25-year-old artist Rafaèlla started working in the music industry from a young age performing alongside her father. She took part in a variety of musical theatre shows and worked for both TV and Radio.

Now based in London, Rafaèlla started releasing her own music in the beginning of 2020 with her debut single ‘Nobody Knows’ and sad pop anthem ‘Broken’. After worldwide press, radio, and podcast support she released her heartbreaking debut album 'sincerely, me.' in 2021 - a concept album about all the stages you go through after a break up - which led her to her TV debut on Cypriot National TV and performing in various stages across London including legendary Hard Rock Cafe.

Rafaèlla is now entering a new era, writing songs about being unapologetically herself, empowering women and adding traditional Greek instruments and melodies into her music for the first time.

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